Roll up your sleeves, reach the future: Internship Sharing Day

On the 11th of September 2019, the director of International Programs and International Relations Office(IRO), Dr. Sharon Wang, introduced several internship resources, including the EFMD Global Talent Portal and Global Internship Facilitation of Taiwan, and the free insurance provided by our university. The IRO invited seven students from the College of management to share their internship experiences and how they grew through immersing themselves in various company / organizational settings with the faculty and fellow students.


The seven students each put the theories they learned into practice, either in Taiwan or in other parts of the world.  Our IBMBA student from Thailand, Jetsin Patipatthanan, had previous work experience in engineering. After moving to Taiwan for his master studies, he decided to further explore the Taiwanese work culture by spending his summer in Whetron Electronics. His initial contact with the company started with the job fair in NSYSU and was followed by interviews with the Taipei Office and the Bangkok Office soon after the job fair; Jetsin went into the details about the interviews he had with both offices, hoping to better prepare his fellow students for their future interviews. “To a person from Thailand, daily life in Taiwan is not that big of a challenge, but I encountered some culture shock when dealing with the Taiwanese work culture.” He compared the Taiwanese attitude towards the organization and their organizational behavior with the more relaxed work setting in Thailand where he said people typically “run away” from work. This and other differences were interesting and fresh to Jetsin. He also encourages all the foreign students to explore the professional field in Taiwan through internships.


Peiyu, who recently graduated from GHRM MBA had her 8-month internship with MT.DERM GmbH, a medical device manufacturer located in Berlin, Germany. She first shared her experience with the difficulties of finding internships in Europe and followed with a thorough analysis of the experience with work culture, management methods and communication styles. “It is almost inevitable to not face hardships throughout your internships, but if you examine things with a mind of a student, you will most definitely learn something about the intricacies of the local organizational culture,” she said. During her time in Berlin, she not only helped plan a set of online marketing strategy targeting the east and south-east Asian market and built and launched a brand-new website, but also planned events such as factory tours and various other events. Such experience has rewarded her with knowledge in B2B operations and related marketing strategies.


GHRM MBA second-year student, Esther Lu did her internship in Yulong Motor as a recruitment intern. She put theories learned in classes into practice, helping the company find suitable candidates in job fairs. Esther also had a glimpse of how company welfare operates, in order to keep their talent pool in top shape.


While Peiyu and Esther gained experience in established companies, Alice Hsu, a second-year students in the Master Program of Business Administration, had a somewhat interesting experience with NinetyRoad Travel, which is a start-up travel agency. Start-ups can be smaller, but they are great for students to develop a well-rounded perspective of businesses, while practicing more horizontal communication.

Also from the same program, Lynn Tsai went to Bejing, China to work with iQIYI. Her love for drama TV series let her to work with a video-streaming company as a market analyst and to explore the professional culture in China.


From the Master Program of Business Administration, Eileen Lu spent her summer at ACER. She kindly shared info about the platforms with she used to hunt for her internship opportunity. “My undergraduate degree was in a completely opposite direction from business management, and that made me want to enrich my resume, for a smooth sail into the future,” she said. After successfully passing the resume screening and the interviews, she then entered ACER’s Business Planning Division, to learn about how the company manages their Asia market, the sub-markets and their daily practices. The company hosts CEO lectures and creative proposal events for the employees to exercise their creative minds. Speaking of the differences between the corporate world and the academic field, Eileen considers the experience in the real world an extremely valuable one. “Things such as Google Analytics and Excel PivotTable Reports are not taught in schools; this hands-on experience really helped me fulfill my goal of enriching myself.”


Lastly, GHRM MBA student Hwak Shan shared her exciting summer organized by Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands. Other than lectures and workshops, ABS also provided students life coaches to help them better understand themselves and their future in an organized manner.


People might consider schools and universities as umbrellas protecting students carefully, but with this umbrella, the students can then approach the outside world in their own way and explore the future in a safe controlled manner. Peiyu does not consider internships to represent the full scope of the real world, but they can become an important piece of one’s professional career, and also remarkable memory during one’s master studies.

New Visions: Jamie's journey in Tesla


Jamie Huang, who is currently 3rd year GHRM MBA student, gladly shares internship experience at Tesla Company, which took place from April 18th to August 31st 2018.

Jamie was highly impressed by Tesla company profile and Elon Musk – charismatic and innovative CEO of the company, so when the recruiting post on the website popped up there was zero hesitation about applying for internship. Just in case anyone is not familiar with Tesla, it’s an American company, which mainly sells electric vehicles and energy products. 

Jamie was a Recruiting Intern at Tesla, Inc. (formerly Tesla Motors, Inc.), so the prior responsibility was to recruit Tesla 2018 summer interns and some entry-level positions for other departments. Most of the time at the company, Jamie was doing resume screening, phone interviewing, and assisting in face-to-face interviews, also a lot of administrative work, which was inevitable in the job, such as creating job vacancy, collecting candidate profile, and filing new hire information on the system.

The difficulty during the internship was when Jamie thought there were not enough candidates applying the internship positions, thus Jamie had to try different methods to search potential candidates and find many other ways to attract more people to apply, and surprisingly hundreds of people applied the internship just right before the application deadline, which might be the human nature. 

The job itself was very interesting and practical, and Jamie had a chance to get in touch with all kinds of candidates everyday and learned how to operate the online HR system, which all brought very valuable hands-on experiences. Besides, the work environment was very encouraging and flexible: the colleagues there were easy-going and willing to share their own experiences. Working in such a fast-paced environment helped Jamie to enhance adaptability and resilience that trained to work in a more systematical way.

Jamie explains that the basic three factors from NSYSU GHRM MBA Program helped a lot: the English environment; cross-cultural projects and HR knowledge, obtained during courses. “When you personally encounter the situation, then you will realize the concepts that you learned before.” – says Jamie. Since Tesla is a foreign company, there were a few foreigners in the office and they often communicated in English especially when writing emails. Also, Jamie had to cooperate closely with the HR department in Hong Kong.

Jamie 100% recommends other students to enroll in the internship that fits their interests or would like to have a try, especially the kinds of internship that can help know more about the realistic aspects of the job itself.

For those, who is planning to apply for a job in a specific company, Jamie suggests to do some research on the company that you want to apply for. “It’s always a plus to show the interviewer your passion when you already possess basic knowledge before the interview, and then you can have more resonance and interaction with the interviewer. Do some simple preparation such as their products/service, their latest achievements, or their current situation in the region that you are applying for.”

[International Programs] A Glimpse of the Real World: Internship Sharing Experience

by: Justine Jude Pura

September 27, 2018 – Business concepts or theories in human resource management will be useless if not put into practice. The application of these ideas will help the students appreciate more of what they have learned, and further, explore what things could be done with the knowledge they already have. Students could make this possible by immersing themselves into the “real world” or corporate environment, through the so-called internship.


The Internship Sharing Experience event was made possible by the GHRM MBA/IBMBA Office, with the help of the International Program Student Association. The event’s objective is to give a brighter light to the students of GHRM MBA and IBMBA students on what to expect in doing an internship. The participants of the event are fortunate enough to hear four stories of incredible internship experiences. The event was started by a brief speech of Dr. Wee-Kheng Tan, Deputy Director for Center for International Affairs, who introduced a platform called GIFT (Global Internship Facilitation of Taiwan); which primarily connects the students with global businesses while they are in Taiwan. Dr. Tan emphasized that the platform has over 430 corporate partners in 45 countries.

The first student to present was GHRM MBA student, Ms. Ariel Wang, who took a dual-degree program at the Nottingham Trent in the UK. She had her consultancy project at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.P.A., an IT service management company based in Brescia, Italy. She had worked with people from different cultures. At the end of her talk, she inspired the participants of the event to make a 10-year career plan. For some, it may be bizzare, but for her, she found it very helpful in fulfilling her dreams. After Ariel's story, it was followed by GHRM MBA student Mr. Chris Ternosky’s. He is working as an intern in San Education Academy (SEA), an online education platform based in Taipei. Here, he shared his experiences in solving challenging issues such as hiring employees from various cultural backgrounds and countries, which he had never done before. Chris also stated appropriate and inappropriate habits of interviewees during the hiring process and mentioning helpful tips, which can be used by those who aspire to apply in different companies.

The last students who have generously shared their experiences are IBMBA students, Mr. Johnny Chen and Mr. Justin Tang, whose internships are both in the technology industry. Johnny had his internship at Didichuxing, a popular ride-sharing service using mobile phone, which is based in China. He mentioned interesting practices of the company such as having meetings in an open-space roof deck, which helps them ‘unleash’ creativity. He also mentioned that the company had a slide inside the office to help employees solve problems. On the other hand, Justin, who is also the President of the student association, shared his experience in Pumpkin Studio. It is a company known for developing Virtual Reality games. He said that even if he works as an intern, he has handled project management tasks, which for some company, is a task of a high-level employee. He mentioned proudly that the studio’se been working with different big names in the tech industry.

In summary, an internship is a great way to gain hands-on, professional expertise which will be valuable for their career paths. Thanks to this event, students are now more enlightened on what to do and expect before, during, and after their internships.

Learn to experience, learn for chances. Jamie Huang@ Adecco

2017 Adecco intern_170901_0006.jpg

學習體驗、掌控機會:黃瓈葳Jamie@ Adecco

在碩一升上碩二的暑假,Jamie黃瓈葳選擇將她在課堂上所學帶入實務範圍,進入人資顧問公司Adecco實習。「課堂上常常討論我們為何需要某種人才,在Adecco,我們就是要為客戶思考這個問題。」Adecco在全球60個國家有超過5000個據點,對來自GHRM MBA這樣國際化環境的Jamie來說是個再好不過的機會。




Before going into the second year of her studies in GHRM MBA, Jamie decided to bring what she learned into practice by working as an intern at Adecco, a multinational human resource consulting company which has over 5000 offices in 60 countries. “We always discuss why we need certain talent in a field. At Adecco, we have to think about this for our clients.”

In a human resource consulting company, the clients can be from different industries and fields. Thus, it is important for Jamie and her team to do research about their clients’ industrial background. Researching industries, analyzing resumes are the early preparation of her work, then moving on to phone interviews and narrow down the potential candidates for interviews in order to choose the most suitable talent for their clients. Apart from recruiting, Jamie learned the importance of processing crisis and thinking critically during her internship. “Before asking for definite answers, we have to think according to the logic behind our work and offer our own ideas.” Why do our clients need this talent? What makes to candidate quit his/ her previous job? What are the needs of both ends and how do we meet them? While learning about recruiting skills, thinking about the bigger picture can make one understand the trends of the job market and prepare oneself for the future.

“Adecco values the potential capabilities of people rather than their appearances, sexual orientation, educational background etc.” Jamie feels satisfied but humble about her time at Adecco. The working vibes and the openness to different ideas at the company even made her want to apply for working full-time if there are chances. At Adecco, Jamie learned more than applying textbooks to practice. “I learned to open my mind to various perspectives and analyze things in a more objective way.” She said.

This just "IN"! Linda Lin's new vision in India.

異鄉新印象:Linda林鴻怡 實習印度、走闖新視野

Linda在結束英國Nottingham Trent University雙學位修業後,由於學校規劃實習為畢業門檻,透過AIESEC的全球人才實習計畫,前往位於南印度的清奈,在商業顧問公司Gajra Pal & Zhu Co.展開為期三個月的實習旅程。





After finishing her studies at Nottingham Trent University, Linda Lin headed to Gajra Pal & Zhu Co. located in Chennai, India for her internship opportunity. "At first, it was to meet the graduation requirements of NTU, but as I experience India, I realized it is my journey." she said.

"People consider me brave coming to a country like India." Before making her trip, Linda didn't have too much impression to India, but the cultural diversity of the country made her courageous, try something else to eat when the food isn't good, solve the housing problems that the company left unsolved. "Now I make myself feel at home at a youth hostel. This can also be a way of making friends from elsewhere in the world!"

There are quite a lot of differences between Taiwan and India when it comes to work. Linda serves her role as the mandarin intern in the company, making contacts to the mandarin-speaking market, translating to make sure the company stands on the same page with the client, she grasps her opportunities to know the possibilities ahead for both markets. The high uncertainty and its mysterious working culture can make people doubt India, but like the movie "Outsourced", Linda put herself into the corporate culture, visited the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Center in Chennai to know more about the market trends between Taiwan an India, and of course, got the tasks from the company done. "The Indian people believe that they can achieve more when they slow down." she observed the Indian people to have better outcomes when taking tea breaks and think what to do next.

"Don't prejudge the Indian people or the country of India. Because it always surprises you, break all your prejudices." The shocking living experience in India provides Linda a new vision. She realizes that perhaps the values, policies and laws are big question marks to Taiwanese people, but as the Taiwanese government working on the new south-bound policy to cope with the rapid-growing Indian market, there is nothing to lose but to gain to make a trip to India. 

【GHRM MBA】Internship at the HRM department of NXP Semiconductors Taiwan

During the second semester at NSYSU, GHRM MBA students had the unique opportunity to gain practical work experience in the HR field through the cooperation with a local company. Each team consisted of 2-4 students and a professor as a supervisor in order to guide through this project. My team and Professor Chi (our supervisor) worked with NXP Semiconductors Taiwan which is located in the Nanzhi Export Processing Zone in Kaohsiung. 

NXP is a global semiconductor manufacturer which creates solutions that enable secure connections for a smarter world. NXP operates in 25 countries and employs approximately 45,000 people worldwide. At the end of 2015, NXP acquired the American company Freescale Semiconductor. 

The goal of the cooperation between NXP Semiconductors and GHRM students was to identify important managerial competencies in order to create a comprehensive competency model for the management team of NXP as well as to conduct a training needs analysis to develop potential training programs. 

After the successful completion of this project, the manager of the HRM department offered me a summer internship position. It was the first time the HRM department offered an internship position to a foreign student. 

I’m grateful for not only having the chance to experience student life in Taiwan, but also to gain an insight into the Taiwanese working culture. 

My projects included the development of a customized comprehensive competency model including hard skills and soft skills for the engineering department of NXP. In light of this, I also developed an outline of customized training programs, specifically, for the engineering department. In addition, I assisted in the creation of a new HR recruiting strategy. I was also allowed to engage in discussions and contribute to decisions via weekly HRM meetings, international conference calls, NXP training days and Town Hall meetings. 

During the internship I had the unique chance to observe the transition of NXP as a single company to the merger of NXP and Freescale and to see how they created a new company culture combined of Eastern and Western values that reaches consensus among all of them. This summer the American management team visited NXP in Kaohsiung to give the local management team and employees the opportunity to get informed about the new outline and goal of this merger. I was lucky to attend meetings, conferences as well as business dinners with the American HRM managers to also gain an insight into the American point of view in regards to the role of human resource management. I developed a much deeper understanding in terms of the importance of aligning the HR strategy with the overall business strategy of the company. 

Throughout the internship, I was happy to see how much knowledge I was able to apply from my studies at the GHRM program. In addition, I also gained new knowledge throughout the projects which will be helpful for my future studies at NSYSU as well as for my future HR career. 

I cheer the new GHRM MBA students to use the Independent Study project to expand their local business network and create internship opportunities. The majority of the business companies pay close attention whether the future employee candidate has gained practical work experience related to the major. Therefore, I encourage everyone to find an internship position during the next summer. Make the summer count! 

Grace 徐慕馨 in HR Dep. of management office in Eternal Materials (長興材料) Co., Ltd

Grace 徐慕馨

A summer intern in the HR department of the management office for Eternal Materials(長興材料) Co., Ltd. Grace serves as an HR assistant, helping the company do Taiwan Training Quality System (TTQS) evaluations, and employee’s performance management portfolios. She also helps set up the HR regulations for its Malaysia subsidiaries. She has realized that HR regulations, either in Taiwan or in Malaysia, have to be based on Labor Law, but sometimes these kinds of law are very difficult to understand. As a future HR graduate, we need to focus more on the country’s regulations and try to understand them, then we can create the company’s HR regulations.

GHRM MBA 2 年級學生 Grace 分享她於今年在長興材料管理處人力資源部的暑期實習經驗 -- 協助公司評核TTQS的相關事務,處理員工績效管理檔案,以及幫助人事課建立有關海外子公司的人事規章制度。Grace協助長興馬來西亞子公司制定管理規章時,深刻瞭解自己不僅對台灣勞動法規相當陌生;當工作需立刻熟讀馬來西亞勞動規章時,更是十分吃力。但 Grace 利用下班時間自行上網搜尋相關文獻、法令,再與公司資深同事討論增進相關知識,幫助她自己找到方法。Grace給學弟妹建議,在實習過程中一定會發生專業能力不足的情況,但這時無須氣餒,而是要抓緊學習的機會,自行吸取相關知識,並與公司資深同事請益增加自我知識。


Vincent 李元愷 intern at HR division of E.SUN Financial Holding Co., Ltd

Vincent 李元愷

GHRM MBA Vincent works as an intern in the HR division of E.SUN Financial Holding Co., Ltd. Vincent applied for the internship from a 104 Internship platform and he successfully received this internship although there were several competitors. His responsibilities include optimizing Management Associate (MA) systems, creating interview competency models, updating the company’s recruiting website,and simplifying the internal recruiting process. E. SUN doesn't treat their interns like rookies, but instead treats them as experienced workers. These challenging activities have helped Vincent with critical thinking, problem solving, and risk management abilities. Vincent encourages GHRM MBA students to search for internship opportunities by themselves as they will cherish the internship even more after finding a company they really love working with. Vincent believes you should come to E.SUN and you can accomplish the most!

心清如玉,義重如山,訴說著玉山金控公司(E.SUN Financial Holding Co., Ltd.)期許自家員工的價值。GHRM MBA 二年級學生李元愷(Vincent),分享在玉山金控人力資源處擔任實習生的經歷。Vincent透過104的實習專區投遞履 歷,經過多重面試關卡,最後脫穎而出,成功獲得實習機會。實習工作主要負責玉山MA(儲備幹部)制度的優化,並和其他實習夥伴們一起建立金融服務人員職能面談模型、更新玉山的徵才網站、精進資訊人員的招募流程等。玉山推行正向組織社會化,時常指派有挑戰性的專案給實習生,從自我實現的層面去激勵員工,從而得到超乎想像的績效。Vincent在玉山,學習到批判性思考,解決問題能力及危機處理能力,而不是當一個聽話的部屬。Vincent坦言:靠自己的能力爭取到的實習機會,會讓自己更有憧憬與動力。更推薦學弟妹來玉山實習, 挑戰自己。

Catherine 賴美瑜 Summer Internship in Moxa Inc.

Catherine 賴美瑜

This summer, Catherine gained unique experiences as an intern at Moxa Inc, which is a high-tech company in Taiwan. She helps out with digitizing the company's employee database and developing expatriate guidebooks. From Catherine's observations, Moxa is dedicated to building its brand on teamwork management and work life balance. At Moxa, employees are invited to participate in regular activities, for example, family day, incentive tours, and sports games. One of the challenges during her internship was her unfamiliarity of the employee database project. With assistance from Moxa's HR team, she was able to handle the project and develop new skills. Catherine strongly encourages everyone to consider and participate in the summer internship program. This is one opportunity where students can apply classroom knowledge in a realistic setting.

人管全英碩程(GHRM MBA)二年級學生賴美瑜Catherine在四零四科技公司( Moxa Inc.)人力資源處實習,主要工作為協助公司更新內部人事資料庫系統與製作「人員外派手冊」。四零四科技公司( Moxa Inc.)是一間勇於在環境動盪劇烈的高科 技產業下,貫徹執行發揮HR機制進而使各部門發揮綜效的公司。美瑜表示: 四 零四科技公司文化如同外商企業,致力於建立雇主品牌、強調團隊共事、員工與主管共同進步;最有意義的是,Moxa重視員工工作及家庭生活平衡,每年固定舉辦家庭日、員工旅遊、運動會。實習過程中,Catherine將公司人事紙本資 料數位化,期間遭遇許多問題,公司人資先進均不吝給予指導,美瑜深刻體會 公司「知識分享,提攜後進」獨特文化。美瑜鼓勵學弟妹積極參與暑期實習, 唯有親自體會HR學術界與業界的聚焦差異,權衡二者後付諸實踐才能內化成自己的隱知識。

Anita Huang, internship at NetDragon Websoft Inc, China.

Anita Huang 黃英紅

Anita Huang, a 2nd year GHRM MBA student at NSYSU has recently finished an internship program at NetDragon Websoft Inc, China. Anita worked hard to find the right internship opportunity for her, attending several interviews from different companies in Taiwan. Eventually, Anita found the opportunity which suited her needs and career aspirations – at NetDragon. NetDragon is a Chinese company that develops and operates multiplayer online games and mobile applications. Working with NetDragon's HR team, Anita was able to develop a broad range of skills and business knowledge. She developed a much deeper understanding of how different departments within a business communicate and operate together. She learned the vitally important role of teamwork in building a positive organizational culture, and different ways in which employees can be motivated and managed to perform. In addition to this, the internship experience also provided insights into how businesses function internationally. One of the challenges during Anita’s internship was to become familiar with NetDragon’s computer software. However, things were made a little easier for Anita, thanks to the innovative communication technology used within the company. The company has developed its own internal communication APP, allowing employees to communicate and share information easily with each other. This APP has been a significant achievement for NetDragon, overcoming traditional challenges of vertical/ horizontal communication. Summing up her experience, Huang said: “Every single day during my internship, I was able to learn something new and exciting – it really opened my eyes to the global challenges facing companies, and how so much of the theory I have learnt during my time on the GHRM MBA program can be applied in practice to help businesses overcome these challenges and grow”.

GHRM MBA 二年級學生黃英紅(Anita)_勇敢追夢 的女孩。英紅在暑假開始前,花了將近一個半月的時間,南北往返,經歷了大 大小小的暑期實習面試。最後,英紅在臉書平台(中山大小事),透過傑青會發 佈的消息參加中國實習面試。憑著自己對HR執著的熱忱,英紅順利進入中國網 龍網絡有限公司(NetDragon Websoft Inc.)暑期實習。網龍組織發展處實習期間, 英紅瞭解網龍公司內部,使用自行研發的專用通訊軟體,打破傳統公司水平與 垂直的溝通的限制,讓員工溝通無虞,提昇員工工作效率,此舉值得台灣企業 借鏡。實習過程中,曾因為對電腦軟體的不熟悉而感到灰心,但主管、同事們 都願意即刻伸出援手,讓英紅備感溫馨,更感受到人資工作者獨有的互助特質 是營造和諧工作氛圍的關鍵。兩個月的實習期間,英紅體認到中國與台灣在晉 升制度、薪資激勵方式、合約要點等的人資決策差別。「實習工作親身觀察的 不同環節,每天都能替自己上一堂新的課」。