Learning Goals of GHRM 學習目標

The Global Human Resource Management English MBA program enhances students’   professional ability and knowledge in HR through an integrated education process, involving both HR theories and practices.

Students are required to take courses in Team Management, Strategic Human Resource Management, and Organization Theory and Management. Moreover, with a balanced emphasis on theory and practice, we also  offer Research Methodology Theory to enhance the students’ analytical and strategic thinking, and to expose them to the best management practices.  

HR Ethics and Social Responsibility - To enhance students’ HR ethics and social responsibility, they will be offered the course “Enterprise Ethics and Sustainable Development”. This course is designed to introduce theories on HR ethics and analyze ethical dilemmas that inevitably come up in conducting business. The course also invites in experts from various industries to help share practical applications with students.  

Global Vision -  To foster a global outlook among students, we offer a string of unique international courses, including “International Human Resource Management,” “International   Marketing Management,” “Cross Cultural Leadership and Communication,” and   “Globalization and Human Resource Management.” All courses mentioned above are taught in English to provide students with international knowledge and cultural   awareness. Students may enhance their global vision by engaging in intercultural  communication through the university’s 142 partner universities.  

Team Building/Communication Capability - Most of the courses require students to form a team with 3-5 students, and then analyze cases found in the HR field. Through case analysis, students not only gain   knowledge of HR theories but also learn how to apply this professional knowledge in a practical manner. In addition, through case discussions they will increase their abilities as effective communicators.  

HR Expertise/Consulting Methods and Practice/Problem Solving Ability  - Our program offers the course “Industrial Independent Studies,” to build the connection bridge between students and enterprises. Students will form teams of 2-3 people and will be instructed by our professors’ to solve problems raised by enterprises. Through this process of industrial independent study, investigation, report and case analysis, students increase their capability by applying theories to practical   cases, and solving problems while making business and HR decisions.