Global Human Resource Management English MBA

The Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program has been established on the need of the College to strengthen the HR profession, and to give students some grounding on how key areas of business are integrated in successful organizations. Its goal is to give its students a solid and well-rounded education in the HR field while also accentuating team building with a global outlook. With the coming era of globalization, nations are racing intensely to gain a competitive edge by investing in innovative knowledge and global talent developments, especially in the pursuit of academic prestige and elite-talent cultivation. Therefore, it is important for the full-time GHRM English MBA to harness its resources and provide students with opportunities to acquire both theoretical and practical skills. The program aims at delivering a new English MBA degree program that will develop competitive global talents and equip students with human resource management knowledge that's needed greatly today by international companies.

中山大學人管全英碩士學程(全名為 Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program)成立之初,有感於國際環境變動快速,跨國型競爭人才需求竄起,人力資源管理領域之人才培育,必須調整為提供競爭優勢之國際化人才。為強化HR專業之需求, GHRM MBA提供紮實的課程、專業的HR領域學習 ,並導入團隊合作以及多元化的國際學習環境,瞭解人管專業領域如何成功地在組織間靈活地被運用整合。

GHRM MBA的願景--透過完整的兩年全英文碩士教育,提供豐碩的人管教學資源、整合學術與實務,培育具國際競爭優勢、善用人資管理專業的全球型人才,以供現今企業所需。


Student Testimonials

Student’s Voice


Jan Šťáva from Czech Republic

Studying GHRM MBA program gave me the opportunity to better understand how it is to work in a diverse, multicultural group of people with absolutely different backgrounds. Being part of such a distinctive class, helped me further develop my communication skills. I learned more about team and time management, deepened my skills in critical thinking and most importantly gained more experience in conflict management.
I spent a major part of my time studying Chinese and coaching the university dragon boat team. It is my firm belief that your success depends solely on your decision making and I strongly suggest taking extra classes or activities that you – future student - are interested in. I would definitely say that the best predictor of success is conscientiousness. Working on microhabits and integrating them in my daily studies resulted in a timely graduation, fluency in Mandarin Chinese and a good track record to continue broadening my knowledge. Thank you GRHM MBA & NSYSU.






Kevin from France
(Currently studying a dual degree master both from Nottingham Trent University and NSYSU)

Before joining NSYSU and the GHRM MBA program I was sceptical and did not know what to expect from the content of the program and living so far away from home would be quite a challenge. However, after settling down for a few months I did not regret my choice and it’s been one of the best experience I had so far. Not only are the courses very diverse and new to me, the facilities and activities on campus exceeded my expectations. I was given a wide choice of courses to choose from, so you would only learn what you are interested in. The teaching staff both have experience in teaching and working in Human Resources field and I can feel that they are really dedicated to transmitting what they are passionate about. Moreover, the GHRM MBA office is friendly and eased my process of settling down by giving me advice on what to do, helping me out with my visa application for instance. The people from the office are only one message away and offered me a warm welcome that represents the general ambiance here in NSYSU where everyone is kind and helpful.


Michal Rýznar from Czech Republic

My first experience with GHRM MBA program was when I was studying at NSYSU as an exchange student in 2016. At that time I already got to know few friends studying GHRM MBA. Therefore, sometimes when I got curious I asked them about their opinion about this program. For me surprisingly, all of them were quite excited and generally satisfied with their current studies. Usually, I was used to student complaining about their school projects and overwhelming workload. Therefore, I started exploring this program on my own and even before leaving Taiwan I already applied for this program, knowing that I will try to come back. And here I am  : D

The beginning was a bit easier for me, since I was already familiar with the school environment and also knew many people around. But if I had some difficulties, there were always many people in the GHRM MBA and IBMBA office willing to help me with anything. As for the studies alone, it is sometimes very challenging and stressful as well, but at the end of the semester it always feels worthy. Many courses and school projects are based on working in a group, which might be for some people uncomfortable, but after all that’s what HRM is about – dealing with people.

In my opinion, studying abroad always gives you more as for the experiences, language improvements, memories or new friendships, especially when you study in such a chilly place like Taiwan. Therefore, don´t hesitate to join this program! I can guarantee that you won´t regret.



Chris Ternosky from USA

Joining the GHRM MBA program I was not sure what to expect. When I got accepted I did not know a single person. It is almost like the first day of school when you are younger. You see some people already know each other. They are already engaged in conversation and laughing as if they are catching up with an old friend. The people in the GHRM MBA program are very welcoming, and friendly. It did not take long for me to make tons of friends and form relationships that I hope last beyond my time here. Working with my classmates has been one of the best, and most challenging parts of the process. Each class we are given a new set of tasks and challenges that must be overcome. The people in the program are easily the best part of the whole ordeal, but that is not to take away from the academic side of it. I was unfamiliar with the amount of study, and work that goes into creating research articles geared around business concepts. After completion, I will look back fondly at my time here and hope the best for all the staff, professors, and classmates I had the pleasure to interact with.



Jessica Quan from Guatemala

Bienvenidos a Taiwan! (Welcome to Taiwan) GHRM MBA program at NSYSU is quite new in comparison to others degree, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have experience in the field. All the professors had a quite long experience in Human Resource; some of them work on big companies or were advisors of the company for some years. Taiwanese and International professors are very open in their experience; they share their thoughts, experience, and give advices or suggestions, which make easier to understand the courses. This degree is taught in English; therefore, it makes it more competitive and more international. Each year, there are many international students that apply for this program, the quota has been higher since it was established. This also makes GRHM MBA as a cultural and language learning environment, such as American’s culture, European’s culture, Latin American’s Culture and Asia’s Culture as well. With all this benefits, I can assure that you can enrich your knowledge, experience and the most important, it creates an international atmosphere. I invite you to join our program!



Tran Song Dang Khoa from Vietnam

Three and a half years working in a life insurance company helped me realize the importance of human resources in any organization. That was the motivation for me to pursue a master’s degree in Taiwan. Among many reputable universities in Taiwan, NSYSU is famous for its MBA programs, especially in human resource management. So I came for the GHRM MBA at NSYSU. A new life in a totally new place overwhelmed me with fun and challenges. A multicultural learning environment, English courses and international friends helped me build communication skills, teamwork and friendships which are very important and useful for my life and work. The professors of GHRM MBA and staff are friendly and supportive. Besides the classes, we had chances to listen to guest speakers, visit companies, and complete projects organized by NSYSU. For students who need a part-time job, there are also many opportunities. The GHRM MBA family is growing and I am proud to be a part of it. I would recommend GHRM MBA at NSYSU to my friends who are looking for a master program, to take the next step in their education, make new friends and experience Taiwan’s rich culture.