Anita Huang, internship at NetDragon Websoft Inc, China.

Anita Huang 黃英紅

Anita Huang, a 2nd year GHRM MBA student at NSYSU has recently finished an internship program at NetDragon Websoft Inc, China. Anita worked hard to find the right internship opportunity for her, attending several interviews from different companies in Taiwan. Eventually, Anita found the opportunity which suited her needs and career aspirations – at NetDragon. NetDragon is a Chinese company that develops and operates multiplayer online games and mobile applications. Working with NetDragon's HR team, Anita was able to develop a broad range of skills and business knowledge. She developed a much deeper understanding of how different departments within a business communicate and operate together. She learned the vitally important role of teamwork in building a positive organizational culture, and different ways in which employees can be motivated and managed to perform. In addition to this, the internship experience also provided insights into how businesses function internationally. One of the challenges during Anita’s internship was to become familiar with NetDragon’s computer software. However, things were made a little easier for Anita, thanks to the innovative communication technology used within the company. The company has developed its own internal communication APP, allowing employees to communicate and share information easily with each other. This APP has been a significant achievement for NetDragon, overcoming traditional challenges of vertical/ horizontal communication. Summing up her experience, Huang said: “Every single day during my internship, I was able to learn something new and exciting – it really opened my eyes to the global challenges facing companies, and how so much of the theory I have learnt during my time on the GHRM MBA program can be applied in practice to help businesses overcome these challenges and grow”.

GHRM MBA 二年級學生黃英紅(Anita)_勇敢追夢 的女孩。英紅在暑假開始前,花了將近一個半月的時間,南北往返,經歷了大 大小小的暑期實習面試。最後,英紅在臉書平台(中山大小事),透過傑青會發 佈的消息參加中國實習面試。憑著自己對HR執著的熱忱,英紅順利進入中國網 龍網絡有限公司(NetDragon Websoft Inc.)暑期實習。網龍組織發展處實習期間, 英紅瞭解網龍公司內部,使用自行研發的專用通訊軟體,打破傳統公司水平與 垂直的溝通的限制,讓員工溝通無虞,提昇員工工作效率,此舉值得台灣企業 借鏡。實習過程中,曾因為對電腦軟體的不熟悉而感到灰心,但主管、同事們 都願意即刻伸出援手,讓英紅備感溫馨,更感受到人資工作者獨有的互助特質 是營造和諧工作氛圍的關鍵。兩個月的實習期間,英紅體認到中國與台灣在晉 升制度、薪資激勵方式、合約要點等的人資決策差別。「實習工作親身觀察的 不同環節,每天都能替自己上一堂新的課」。