Learn to experience, learn for chances. Jamie Huang@ Adecco

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學習體驗、掌控機會:黃瓈葳Jamie@ Adecco

在碩一升上碩二的暑假,Jamie黃瓈葳選擇將她在課堂上所學帶入實務範圍,進入人資顧問公司Adecco實習。「課堂上常常討論我們為何需要某種人才,在Adecco,我們就是要為客戶思考這個問題。」Adecco在全球60個國家有超過5000個據點,對來自GHRM MBA這樣國際化環境的Jamie來說是個再好不過的機會。




Before going into the second year of her studies in GHRM MBA, Jamie decided to bring what she learned into practice by working as an intern at Adecco, a multinational human resource consulting company which has over 5000 offices in 60 countries. “We always discuss why we need certain talent in a field. At Adecco, we have to think about this for our clients.”

In a human resource consulting company, the clients can be from different industries and fields. Thus, it is important for Jamie and her team to do research about their clients’ industrial background. Researching industries, analyzing resumes are the early preparation of her work, then moving on to phone interviews and narrow down the potential candidates for interviews in order to choose the most suitable talent for their clients. Apart from recruiting, Jamie learned the importance of processing crisis and thinking critically during her internship. “Before asking for definite answers, we have to think according to the logic behind our work and offer our own ideas.” Why do our clients need this talent? What makes to candidate quit his/ her previous job? What are the needs of both ends and how do we meet them? While learning about recruiting skills, thinking about the bigger picture can make one understand the trends of the job market and prepare oneself for the future.

“Adecco values the potential capabilities of people rather than their appearances, sexual orientation, educational background etc.” Jamie feels satisfied but humble about her time at Adecco. The working vibes and the openness to different ideas at the company even made her want to apply for working full-time if there are chances. At Adecco, Jamie learned more than applying textbooks to practice. “I learned to open my mind to various perspectives and analyze things in a more objective way.” She said.