This just "IN"! Linda Lin's new vision in India.

異鄉新印象:Linda林鴻怡 實習印度、走闖新視野

Linda在結束英國Nottingham Trent University雙學位修業後,由於學校規劃實習為畢業門檻,透過AIESEC的全球人才實習計畫,前往位於南印度的清奈,在商業顧問公司Gajra Pal & Zhu Co.展開為期三個月的實習旅程。





After finishing her studies at Nottingham Trent University, Linda Lin headed to Gajra Pal & Zhu Co. located in Chennai, India for her internship opportunity. "At first, it was to meet the graduation requirements of NTU, but as I experience India, I realized it is my journey." she said.

"People consider me brave coming to a country like India." Before making her trip, Linda didn't have too much impression to India, but the cultural diversity of the country made her courageous, try something else to eat when the food isn't good, solve the housing problems that the company left unsolved. "Now I make myself feel at home at a youth hostel. This can also be a way of making friends from elsewhere in the world!"

There are quite a lot of differences between Taiwan and India when it comes to work. Linda serves her role as the mandarin intern in the company, making contacts to the mandarin-speaking market, translating to make sure the company stands on the same page with the client, she grasps her opportunities to know the possibilities ahead for both markets. The high uncertainty and its mysterious working culture can make people doubt India, but like the movie "Outsourced", Linda put herself into the corporate culture, visited the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Center in Chennai to know more about the market trends between Taiwan an India, and of course, got the tasks from the company done. "The Indian people believe that they can achieve more when they slow down." she observed the Indian people to have better outcomes when taking tea breaks and think what to do next.

"Don't prejudge the Indian people or the country of India. Because it always surprises you, break all your prejudices." The shocking living experience in India provides Linda a new vision. She realizes that perhaps the values, policies and laws are big question marks to Taiwanese people, but as the Taiwanese government working on the new south-bound policy to cope with the rapid-growing Indian market, there is nothing to lose but to gain to make a trip to India.