【Speech】How does media get made?


John Murn joined GHRM as guest speaker in International Marketing class on April 20th, and provided students with an insider’s view on the world of media.  Murn examined where, how, why, and by whom media is created.

Mr. Murn came to Taiwan more than 7 years ago and has been through numerous jobs. He began teaching English before eventually finding his current place in media world.

At the end of the Murn's visit, students gained a better understanding of:
- the differences and similarities between creative agencies, production houses and media agencies;
- the process of design production;
- the importance of investing in evaluation of media and its effectiveness;
- negotiation skills, anticipation of potential difficulties, and challenges in media world

Murn's visit was informative and useful for those interested in the advertising industry, but he also shared some valuable advice for all international students with hopes of working in Taiwan.
- If you have a goal to find a job - be persistent.  Send out your CV to as many companies as possible and don’t be upset if your first salary is less than you expected.
- Networking is everything.  Make connections.  Talk to as many people as you can.  Go to events, seminars,  and workshops. Apply for internships even if they are not related to your area of interest. Why? Because you MEET PEOPLE! Everyone you meet has the potential to be an important part of your network and help in building your future.