【Speech】Foreigners In Taiwan


On 19th of April Mr. Johannes Steinicke (alumnus of the NSYSU CLC, guest speaker from last semester, currently working as Project Manager at “Interplan” company in Kaohsiung) was giving a speech at “Work and Culture” class.

Mr. Steinicke honestly and in all the details told students about his experience of being expat in Taiwan and gave a few pieces of advice to students:
1. the very first option for a foreigner might be a commercial (not diplomatic) representative office of home county in Taiwan (a good opportunity to work in a cross-cultural environment, see examples of people getting along with each other and learn about the relationships between countries).

2. do not only apply for a job that you can fit in, but also create a job position for yourself: find a company / industry you will fit in and try to draw attention to yourself, let company know about your advantages - what are your super powers and skills :)

It is not easy when you face new cultural environment and Mr. Steinicke told us about his personal tool to cope with difficulties: if you don’t feel comfortable somewhere - think of a lobster (how he needs to exuviate in order to grow - we all need to go through some changes in order to grow and change for the better).

Don’t be shy or scared - go out and try new jobs!

In any outcome you will learn something new!

And join to listen to other guest speakers in future!