Expanding? Think About HR First! 企業發展中人力資源管理的影響力

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在草創時期,找出值得信任且擁有技能的人對形成團隊再重要不過,為此,如何照顧這些人便是重要的課題。當在徵選人才時,在銷售你的idea的同時,讓你的視界符合人才的利益才能夠讓人才on board,「要記得,就算這些人加入了一個忙碌的新創公司,他們或許一樣有家庭、房貸等等,新創公司這樣子創新卻高風險的環境必定會是他們考慮的重點。」陳偉良表示,公司的生命歷程中分為四個階段—生存、發展、成長、擴張或下坡階段,在第一個階段中新創公司必須用很大的力氣留下擁有相同目標的員工,一個公司開始獲利、進到越後面的階段,越需要用實質且現實的利益吸引人才,招募方式也會隨之改變。


在這場講座中,陳偉良博士也透過提出範例與小組討論的方式,鼓勵學生利用所學找出不同狀況中的問題解決模型。最後,他也提醒學生「不可取代性」的重要,「一間公司開始獲利以後,要能夠成為市場上不可取代的一部份,就是要跟人資合作,找出屬於自己、最獨特、最符合公司中心思想的employment branding!」

In the era of start-ups, entrepreneurship has become one of the main emphases of education. But apart from business model development, creative thinking, the importance of “people” is among the main task for the pool of start-ups. How can people management be utilized to push start-up companies forward? The College of Management, NSYSU teamed up with Ministry of Science and Technology and invited Dr. Tan Wee Liang, the associate professor of strategic management from Singapore Management University, to share how Human Resource Management can affect corporate expansion.

During the initial stage, finding the skilled and trustworthy talents is more than important for the team, thus, to take care of the people is the main concern. When recruiting, while selling your ideas, it is brining your vision to fit the candidate’s interest the key of having them on board. “Remember, even if these people decided to join such a busy work place as a start-up company, they still have their family, mortgages and so on. A high-risk environment like start-ups must pay extra effort to keep the talents who have the same goal. Once the company starts to profit and enter the next stage, more realistic interests are needed to attract talents, and therefore change the recruitment method.”

How and who a company recruits defines how outsiders see the company. As a result, HR’s role is more than human resource management; the newcomers need to be passed with the internal knowledge of the company and bring possible conflict with the employees’ values due to changes in the training model, when things like this happen, HR act as the lubricant in this process and act according to the core value of the company, further develop the recruiting goal, performance management and reward system in each stage of the company’s development. Therefore, the transition of the company can be smoothened as the institution changes internally and become part of the development. 

In this lecture, Dr. Tan also raised various examples and encourage students to discuss about the problem-solving models. Lastly, he reminded students the importance of “irreplaceability”; “ After starting to profit, a company has to become an irreplaceable part of the market. It is through working with HR, finding your own and the most suitable employment branding to do the job!” He said.