Helena Kuo 郭秀君from L’Oreal:The beauty within global people



甫走進講堂,郭秀君 Helena的風采透露出她對美麗的執著,在L’Oreal 巴黎萊雅集團擔任人資長長達25年,Helena對於人有著不一樣的執著。





Walking into the lecture room, the way Helena Kuo presented herself showed how she values beauty. Had been working as HR director at L’Oreal for 25 years, she has a very distinctive persist in people.

L’Oreal has been employing numerous of foreign talents in Taiwan. “Under this unique cultural background in Taiwan, how do we make expatriates feel comfortable with the environment they’re in while working?” Helena asked. The HR department at L’Oreal worked on talent development for years, and the best way to keep talents, is to make them feel comfortable about the environment. Through custom guide of experiencing local culture and work circles, L’Oreal make expatriates understand the working culture in Taiwan, and furthermore, bring employees closer together.

“Every individual is different. They each have their beauty.” In respecting the differences between individuals, L’Oreal’s take on training strategy is to differentiate the training process. The company applies tailored training courses to help employees opt for their career path. This strategy is also a part of reasons why L’Oreal attracts the most creative and diverse talents globally.

“The existence of HR department in corporates is to develop talents.” she said. Every great idea originates from great talents, and corporates are supposed to be supporters for them. No matter it is guiding expats blending into the Taiwanese life or making the employees adapt to L’Oreal’s corporate culture, the supporter role brings out the best chemistry of all beauties, and that, only does good to the employees, the company, and the society.