GHRM Alumna: Patrycia Kapkin


Dear students, today we would like to share with you a story about very successful GHRM English MBA Program alumna Ms. Patrycja Kapkin from Poland. 

Patrycja’s Chinese teacher, who comes from Kaohsiung told her about opportunities to get MOE scholarship and study at NSYSU. As Patrycja wanted to travel, and some of her friends shared with her the experience, she decided to try and chose GHRM English MBA Program, because the curriculum seemed to be interesting and perspective. As our alumna was determined to finish her studies in two years, she focused solely on studying and her existing hobbies (during her free time, she is mostly involved into art, she likes to crochet, paint, write or make things from polymer clay). Patrycja says: “I honestly loved the campus, and the fact that the classes had a much more practical approach than any studies I had in Poland. My favorite subjects were the ones somehow connected to my thesis topic, as they were both enjoyable and useful for me. And for that matter I think I liked International Organizational Behavior and Work Psychology most.”

As for the majority, the biggest difficulty was with adjusting to the fact of moving to an entirely new country, and the cultural differences. Fortunately, everyone at NSYSU and Taiwanese people in general were very friendly and helpful in the process of getting used to a new place.

Even though Patrycja had barely any working experience before arriving to NSYSU (mostly a summer break part-time job as a cashier in a super market), after graduating from GHRM English MBA Program, she got a position at “McKinsey & Company” in Poland (“McKinsey & Company” is an American worldwide management consulting firm with offices all over the world. It conducts qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate management decisions across public and private sectors.) Patrycja’s current position is a Process Leader in the Visual Graphics Department. She coordinates the workflow, estimates efforts required to complete certain tasks and assigns those tasks to Visual Artists. “Only after I received the MBA degree, did I realize, that in Poland it is a highly prestigious degree, that is in general difficult to obtain. I believe that it greatly enhanced my chances of finding other job opportunities in the future, as I only have 1 year of experience by now.” – shares her experience Patrycja.

We wish Patrycja best of professional success and thank her for sharing her experience.